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Gabriele Wenz
Europäischer Freiwilligendienst
DRK-Schwesternschaft „Bonn“ e.V.
Venusbergweg 17b
53115 Bonn
Tel.: 0228/ 26 90 124
Fax: 0228/ 26 90 129


Departure Seminar

The DRK-Schwesternschaft "Bonn" e.V. as support organisation prepares you in a multi-day departure seminar for your time as a volunteer in the UK. 


British Red Cross On-Arrival Seminar

  • On arrival in UK (September)
  • Meet the other volunteers
  • Team building BRC
  • Foundation Training
  • Find out more about your projects and what to expect from your year British Red Cross


Mid-Way Seminar

  • Middle of the year (usually April)
  • Further skills training and share experiences so far with other volunteers


British Red Cross Final Seminar

  • End of your year (August)
  • Reflect on your year as a volunteer
  • Celebrate your achievements and look towards your future steps


Alongside your BRC training seminars you will also attend seminars run for all EVS volunteers based in the UK run by the British national agency



You have many sources of support as a British Red Cross volunteer so you are never alone!

Support organisation - DRK-Schwesternschaft "Bonn" e.V.

The volunteer coordinator in your own country is a support contact .


Host project supervisor

This person acts as your line manager and can help you with day to day project specific needs.



Your mentor is a more informal support person who also works at your host project.



British Red Cross Coordinator

Your programme coordinator is based in London and contactable by email and phone whenever needed (within reason!).